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Good Works Good Biz has launched important tips and advice to help those people who want to become self-employed and achieve success.

Good Works Good Biz (goodworksgoodbiz.com), which has become an important resource for people wishing to become self-employed and achieve financial success has today launched their new article 10 Tips for Transitioning to Self-Employment From a 9-to-5 Full-Time Job.

The new article aims to provide the guidance people need to step away from their full-time job to become self-employed. The 10 tips include how a person can put themselves in the right mindset to become self-employed and become a success in their future business. Other tips include how to cover insurance needs as well as how to create more free time for self-employment.

63.2 percent of working-age adults are classed as being in full-time employment. However, according to reports more than half of those in employment are not happy with their jobs or careers. Many of those who are not happy dream about being self-employed but don’t take the next step due to lack of information, resources, or motivation. The new article (http://goodworksgoodbiz.com/transitioning-from-a-full-time-job-to-self-employment/) gives the information and guidance a person needs to follow their dreams.

There are 22 million people self-employed in the USA, but according to business and financial experts there could be and should be more. 543,000 new businesses are started each month in the USA but sadly, 7 out of 10 of those don’t last more than two years. The reason for the high number of failures is down to the lack of knowledge, funding, and motivation. Good Works Good Biz aims to change that.

According to Allie Mendoza, founder of Good Works Good Biz: “52 percent of all small businesses are home-based, we want to not only increase this number but we also want to help people become a success of their self-employment.”

Good Works Good Biz has helped to change people’s lives by providing them with the necessary information and guidance to become successfully self-employed. To learn more about Good Works Good Biz, please visit http://goodworksgoodbiz.com


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