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A breakdown of young Moroccan entrepreneurs who have made fortune off of their online businesses

Mehdi DENNOUNE, also known as Bymden, is one of the young Moroccan dreamers who saw the business world opportunities that are presented by internet differently. Mehdi started from the bottom, lived with his grandparents, went to college – Moroccan public university in Casablanca, Morocco – where he studied Applied Mathematics & Social Sciences (AMSS). He came from a modest family yet was intrigued by the online business world, expeditiously fascinated by entrepreneurship and became ruthlessly ambitious to face its upcoming challenges.

“You started with 0 dollars, right?” the interviewer asks “Four zeros behind” Bymden replies firmly.

Source: Mr Bouich Youtube channel

Bymden discovers the potential the internet carries at the age of 15, when he started to commercialise “Kamas” issued from one of the most famous games at that time DOFUS. After he made some pennies, he found himself curious enough and ready to rock, and left university with the sole purpose of succeeding in the business world: A thing that did not turn out as undemanding as he expected.


With the lack of know-how, Bymden struggled enough at the beginning to be competitive and profitable in online business world, and encountered considerable issues in his way such low Random Access Memory (RAM) of his laptop, weak internet connection, insufficient budget to cover expenses needed etc… Astonishingly, this could not stop him for making his first million dollar. Mehdi started with an Ebay shop, became profitable and gained enough experience / background in drop shipping which helped him teach others using the same platform, ways to scale the sales of every shop holder through educational series. Moreover, He, simultaneously commercialized digital products, gift cards in variety of platforms, was a successful blogger, educate on digital products and shared memorable live videos of him making thousand dollars with his exponentially growing audience. Some of his early followers call him the king of digital products.

Bymden admits that entrepreneurship was a high risk road to take, as it requires time, money and determination. He, therefore insists on the importance of education and skills sharpening as major keys of every business model in order to succeed. Nonetheless, he was ready to take the risk which resulted in a positive pressure, enabling him to become one of the most important web public figure in social media, with a large profitable investment portfolio in Real estate, AIRBNB, Cryptocurrency etc…

Bymden has not only became an inspiration for Moroccan youth, but he also gained a huge engagement with his growing audience recently in both YouTube & Instagram, which happily made him share every aspect of his experience, provide solutions and discusses the importance of entrepreneurship with educational content to help others grow.

Invited in many podcasts, hundreds of YouTube videos and over six thousand results by typing just its nickname, he is now a public figure that people rely on to discuss business opportunities. Giveaways, when his national football team qualified to the quarter finals. Advice, when his DMs explodes with similar questions. Keep in mind that he intends to announce huge projects and solutions for online entrepreneurs to his Instagram community very soon.

Mehdi is using his social media platform, specifically Instagram stories to share his daily habits of a self-made millionaire and considerable entrepreneurial tips: he stresses on the importance of communication, sales topics, significance of focus, business strategies and passive income ideas.

“With one thousand dollars and a phone”, he claims “I, now, could reach one million dollars in 6 months”.

Source: Mr Bouich Youtube channel


Although he seems to be financially free, travels all corners of the world, drives his Ferrari 488 spider and got his life sorted out, he is eager to meet his new needs and sees his challenges getting bigger: he aims to be the number one web influencer in the Maghreb region, and intends to help others the same way he wanted to be helped, put an added value in the Moroccan educational content regarding online businesses, sales growth, alternative investments and personality traits that any entrepreneur must have in order to achieve one’s goals.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bymden
Contact Person: Media Relations

Country: United States


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