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A Breakthrough Solution to High-Priced KN95 Masks

Austin, TX – The steep costs associated with KN95 masks can be attributed to the rigorous listing policies of major retail giants like Amazon and eBay. These industry leaders limit new listings exclusively to pre-approved sellers in the early stages of the pandemic, creating a scarcity of suppliers and a subsequent lack of robust market competition. Remarkably, this practice remains in effect today, contributing to the persistent high prices of KN95 masks. Through most retailers, customers can expect to pay more than $.40 per KN95 rather with Banana, pricing is a fraction of that price.

Black KN95 can be ordered here:

Presenting a compelling resolution to this predicament, Banana emerges as a beacon of affordability and accessibility. A respected wholesaler serving distributors within the janitorial and cleaning industry, Banana recognizes the urgency of providing quality protection without imposing financial burdens. The company offers an extensive array of KN95 masks, encompassing options such as black KN95, kids KN95, and wholesale packages, including cases of 1000 masks.

Sale Details:

Product: High-quality KN95 face masks, available by the case of 1000.

Sale Price: Unbeatable discounts on all purchases.

Variety: Discover a diverse range of options, including black KN95, kids KN95, white KN95, and enjoy free shipping on all orders.

Quality Assurance: Our KN95 masks adhere to the highest industry standards for safety and effectiveness.

Banana Products stands as your ultimate destination for economical and superior KN95 masks. Join us in making essential protective gear accessible to all, without incurring undue financial strain.

For inquiries and orders please visit:

Wholesale Black KN95 Face Masks:

Wholesale Kids KN95 Face Masks:


Wholesale White KN95 Face Masks:

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Media Contact
Company Name: Banana Products
Contact Person: Media Relations

Phone: (512) 430-1851
Address:501 Congress Ave #150
City: Austin
State: Texas
Country: United States


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