A journey ventured by Godson Udochukwu Ezeka


An up and coming artist born in the year 1991 in Abia State, Nigeria that always had dreamt of nothing else but to be a Minister of the Gospel. Godson Udochukwu Ezeka was born and raised in a religious family. Being part of the church choir and ministering the Word of God through music helped him realise the music genre he wanted to settle on.


In the year 2004, Godson relocated to South Africa and joined the family church. With his strong passion for music, he did not only join the church choir but also dedicated himself to   acquire skills in playing instruments such as the drum, bass-guitar and keyboard. His growing passion led him to begin writing his own original lyrics which he intends to use to complete his mission to Minister the Word of God to the youth of the world.


In the year 2018, Godson Zek released his first two singles known as ‘Work for my good’ and ‘Heart Desire’ which were created to bring the Youth closer to God. He carries on to embark on his mission as he is going to release his next project named ‘The journey’. This Album will reflect on the countless challenges he faced as a young believer which almost led him to throwing in the towel and how these challenges brought him closer to God. “ ‘The Journey’ is fully inspired by the Holy Spirit with songs that reflect my journey as a Christian.” explained Godson Zek. He plans to encourage, uplift and bless all his current and future listeners.


The Journey by Godson Zek will launch on the 1st of June 2019 and will be available on all music streaming platforms. Hard copies will be made available on order.




Carl Maphanga