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A State in chaos and a new leader in the making?

[5:27 PM, 4/17/2018] Vijay Manan. Skd: Tamil Nadu, one of the most literate states in India and the 2nd largest contributor to the country’s GDP with an annual turnover of US$210 billion is in a constant state of turmoil ever since the death of its beloved chief minister J.Jayalalitha.

Home to the ancient ethnic group “Tamils”, the state has seen a series of people protests and agitations against projects sanctioned in the state by the central and state government.

The very livelihood of farmers has been devastated by the Cauvery River Water dispute ongoing for decades now with an adjacent state.

Yet another recent ongoing protest is against a copper smelter in the coastal town of Tuticorin which is alleged to have been the cause of rising cancer deaths in the region as an effect of air and water pollution.

In spite of heat on the rise among the public especially the lower strata of society which feels completely ignored and uncared for, the government has not done much to address the core of issues.

In this time of complete despair and chaos, there seems to be an emerging leader in the making who has proved himself at the helm of affairs concerning the welfare of the state – Mr. TTV. Dhinakaran.

A protege of late Miss.Jayalalitha, he has been a part of the political clout ever since his days at high school. Elected twice to the Parliament earlier, he made a dashing comeback after a brief gap when he won a recent by-poll with a huge margin of over 40,000 votes.

Even in his first session as a member of the legislature, he made a stunning commentary on the governor’s address which came to be acclaimed by many.

He has organized large-scale demonstrations in favor of the masses and has stood by them in needy times. He thus won the hearts of many who refer to him fondly as “MakkalSelvar” meaning the “hero of the masses”.

Is the state going to witness the emergence of a new political leader and a party? The state is in need of a change to ensure the security of its people.


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