About in2town Public Relations

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About in2town Public Relations

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In2town Public Relations provides services to all sized businesses, from small businesses, medium sized businesses to large corporations. Our services are provided to all types of industries from small retail outlets, insurance companies, record labels, web-hosting companies, SEO companies, marketing companies, health companies, Amazon sellers, and estate agents. We also work with TV personalities and celebrities as well as artists.

We provide off-line and online public relations and marketing services, helping you to increase your brand and profile on and offline, and helping to generate interest in your products and services. As a world-wide public relations and marketing company, we work with clients all around the world including Australia, the USA, Canada, Spain, France, and the UK.

If you’re doing business today, you have an online presence whether you like it or not. Your customers connect to their friends and acquaintances online, and if your company name comes up, it’s there for everyone to see.

Managing this can be a problem, and that’s what we’re here for.

At In2Town Public Relations, we’re not going to demand a retainer, and we’re not going to demand exorbitant fees. What we’re going to do is offer low cost, public relations service.

Your reputation is your business. The process of turning a potential customer into a lifelong customer involves bringing them to Know who you are, to Like what you do, and to Trust that you will do the job right every time.

If your potential customers have had their minds poisoned by one or two unhappy customers, they know you already, but they sure as heck don’t Like you and inducing them to give you a shot is astronomically more difficult.

That’s why we specialize in online public relations. Here’s a simple test. Plug the name of your business into a search engine like Google and read the first several results. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you need our help. Online public relations is not the same as its offline cousin. You need someone who specializes in online public relations to handle it.

We know it’s not just the enormous multinational corporations that have to deal with online public relations. Smaller companies can serve an international customer base, and we believe they shouldn’t have to pay an enormous retainer to get public relations help. That’s why we offer pay as you go public relations services.

Pay as you go public relations mean no expensive retainer. It means no make-work meaningless press releases. It means you pay for the services you need and not for those you don’t.

That’s just the first way we save you money. The second is simple. Our prices aren’t high. Frankly, most public relations firms include a huge premium in their retainers simply because their clients can afford it. We don’t work like that. We offer low-cost public relations not because your company isn’t important, and not because the job we do is substandard, but because we want to service a segment of the market that cannot afford to pay a premium. Our low-cost public relations services are the same as the premium services but without the premium.

If you’re doing business today, you have a presence online. If you have a presence online, you need our services. Please…contact us today.