Advertising company announces new technology that uses beacons to deliver targeted proximity marketing


Customers can now acquire new clients and make more sales with a very effective system

Miami, FL: Extreme Marketing Systems would like to announce their latest technology that automatically promotes businesses and attract customers through proximity marketing. The company helps customers send 40 character advertising notification directly to the mobile phones and devices of people who come within 400 meters of the beacon. This way, businesses can attract more local clients and the system works better than Google Pay Per Click system.

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Luis Penalo, CEO and President of Extreme Marketing Systems has this to say about their new technology for local marketing and proximity marketing?

What is extreme marketing systems all about?

Extreme marketing systems is an advertising concept that utilizes new technology to deliver effective proximity marketing.

How does it work?

Advertising messages are sent via a beacon that can be set anywhere the client wants it. Once the message is broadcasted, anyone who comes within the range of 400 meters receives the advert on their phone.

Who is this service recommended for?

It is recommended for storefront businesses, service providers, sales professionals, and events and organizations. However, other types of businesses can also benefit from it especially those companies that need to connect with local clients and get more sales.

How much does the service cost?

It costs less than Google Pay Per Click, even though it’s 16 times more effective. Customers can choose the location they want and the service will be delivered right at the spot.

What types of phones does the beacon work on?

Any smartphones or devices that have location and Bluetooth enabled. When the message is sent the phones and devices receive the message as a notification.

Talked about Beacon, what is that anyway?

The beacon is a tiny piece of hardware that fits in the palm of a hand. Extreme marketing systems give it to their customers and that is what is used to broadcast advertising messages. The beacon works anywhere it is placed depending on the area the customers wants to target new clients.

How does one get started with this system?

Contact extreme marketing systems by visiting the website and filing a form, sending an email, or making a phone call and they will be ready to assist with advertising needs. The local technology is available as 7 days trial for new customers who want to experience its effectiveness.

About Extreme Marketing Systems

Extreme Marketing Systems is a company providing new technology that helps to deliver proximity marketing so businesses can get more clients and make more profit. Their system is cheaper than Google pay per click, and Thousands of businesses are jumping at the chance to use this innovative way of advertising. The company set the ad, create their image offer and coupon, do research, and place beacons for clients anywhere they like. For more information, please contact 1800-280-3982,, or visit


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