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Agencies on SEO were a debate

The debate is on the table we talk about SEO agencies that have the enormous task of defining well their actions and those of the different actors that are part of the web positioning. SEO has several names: specialist, professionals, consultants, technician. Each of this has similar qualities and not so similar. They can even relate to other university professions.

Content marketing is a debate between SEO and SEM, who struggle to know who is responsible for this responsibility. It is about quality content, an important factor for SEO but it is based on marketing, functions of a marketer. So who is responsible for content marketing?

Agencies on SEO maintain a close relationship with content marketing. What is clear is that the content must be authentic and valuable, and ensure that the website is positioned better, but the wording of it. Who should do it?

In my opinion, content marketing must be done by an integral individual, who has the experience and knowledge in SEO and marketing, who knows how to differentiate and work them together, who knows the market, the economically active public of the company and your tendencies, know about Google and its updates, in short, that you are completely familiar with the environment that surrounds the optimization of search engines.

Agencies on SEO and its news

Recently there was an event in the form of a debate organized by Aula CM (School of Communication and Online Marketing) located in the Circulo de Bellas Artes in the city of Madrid, Spain. In this event, agencies were discussed about SEO and content marketing, the novelties that involve web positioning and SEO itself.

Within the novelties of the world of SEO is the role played by technical SEO, which faces an overlap of functions with the programmer, but beyond that, I believe that influences the desconcoimeito of both professions that do not necessarily have to be linked.

The technical SEO does not have intentions to disappear, much less to overlap functions, he is clear in what he must do as well as the programmer, who must not necessarily know about SEO. Program a website in a unique way is not guaranteed to position, it can even be counterproductive if your loading time is not ideal.

The work of SEO is very clear to him. The problem lies in the companies that do not know what is one and how to act, making the mistake of doing it wrong. Another way in which mistakes are made is in the vagaries of keywords, where it is necessary to inform the client that the magnitude of that word is very competitive and it is very difficult to generate traffic with it, it is best to generate a list of words most optimal key and offer them to the client.

SEO has many alternatives to position a website, for example the use of blogs, which are very common and the competition already uses. There are other less competitive alternatives that serve to position and in a good way, we are talking about social networks that are trends and represents an ideal medium to publish content as recommend agencia marketing digital  barcelona

Agencies on SEO take into account the user experience to create positioning strategies

SEO agencies are focusing on improving the user experience on the website, without neglecting the participation of technical SEO who is an important factor for web positioning and to improve that experience. The user is the one who has the last word in the world of web positioning, Google only detects its behavior and based on that generate a location of the site within its list of search results as say posicionamiento web barcelona

They have also detected that users use YouTube search as a second method, they have already forgotten about Google to search for a video on the internet. This social network is very popular and dynamic, it is generating more searches than Google in terms of videos of any kind.

Given these discoveries, the best way to achieve a web positioning is to be at the mercy of the users and their behavior, so that they consume the content that is shown to them and achieve a commitment with them.


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