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AGON is back with a brand new song: HOME

AGON is an artist with a focus on making music that feels diverse and kaleidoscopic. The sound is a combination of various genres and influences that merge into something dynamic and easy to connect with. The artist’s most recent release, “Home”, is the perfect example. Not only is the production on-point, but the artistry that fuels AGON’s music is undeniably remarkable.

The song, which runs a little under 4 minutes, has a massive and richly articulate tone. It really stands out in terms of excellence and has a fantastic way of capturing the energy of the groove, especially with the soaring hi-hat patterns and the big bass tones. In addition, AGON’s vocals sound really energetic and upfront. He is demonstrating how much he perfected his craft with this track. It truly shows how he has been able to ignite his flow with some extra melody. His vocals have a really relatable twist and a lot of personality, which adds gives the song an extra edge. One of the things that sets AGON apart from other rappers is the fact that he doesn’t usually focus on the old stereotypes of the genre. Instead, he has a much more personable way of exploring topics that are very relevant to himself and his audience overall. AGON is a truly outstanding performer who sings about the things that people can genuinely relate to. This track, in particular, is really all about the importance of a home. This is a place where we should feel safe with our loved ones, but we often take it for granted. Not everyone can say they have access to an amazing home. It is awesome to have artists like AGON remind us how much we should treasure and cherish our homes, and what meaning they hold for us. At the end of the day, these are some of the most important things in life! As a rapper, AGON has a lot of integrity and puts his money where his mouth is, as they say. In fact, his main goal is to utilize hip-hop as a channel to express wholesome and timeless feelings that all people, regardless of their credo, background, or nationality, should be able to connect with. Regardless of what our chosen path in life is, we all need a home somewhere, and it is something extremely important.


Home” is a great introduction to AGON’s vision. It is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Eminem, Nas, 2Pac and Juice WRLD, to mention a few. As you might have noticed, this is a very diverse range of influences: this is because AGON is not the kind of rapper who gets stuck on a wave or a scene. He respects rappers of all generations past, present, and the future! For this reason, he is able to grasp a huge range of influences and keep his music incredibly interesting and dynamic time and time again. The song “Home” is a perfect example of how his huge range of influences enable him to take his music to a whole new level of excellence and professionalism. Just like the artists mentioned earlier, AGON is a personable and passionate individual who knows what it takes to create music that’s genuinely electrifying.

Learn more about AGON, and check out “Home“. This release is going to be available on all the best music streaming platforms on May 19th, 2023!

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