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AIC Wall Street – Dental Education Center with Clinical Focus Like No Other

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Dentists from all over the world now have a unique opportunity for professional growth and development in a clinical dental practice and laboratory near Wall Street, where all of the latest and best dental technology on the market is available for clinicians to use and receive training on by pioneers in the field of dentistry and dental technology.

The unique Automation and Innovation Center at Wall Street is an unparalleled immersive educational center in the heart of New York City that has a DSD lab, hands-on education and custom digital workflows that enable dentists to elevate their skills in a modern state-of-the art environment.

One of the founders of AIC Wall Street is Dr. Jeffrey R. Shapiro, DDS, who has practiced dentistry in Manhattan for more than 30 years. He says the idea behind the center is to connect dental practice, dental laboratories and continuing dental education.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Shapiro says he recognized the need to learn new trends in dentistry in order to best serve his patients and remain competitive in the market. He believes staying current is important for all dentists, no matter the size or scope of the dental practice.

“Early on for me, this involved tremendous learning of things that are new in dentistry,” he says. “I also realized that having clinical excellence is only part of what you need. You can be a great clinician, but if you don’t have the patients to do it on, the skill will not be valuable. I realized that having good business skills – in conjunction with clinical excellence – is a powerful combination.”

Shapiro, who also has a background in engineering and computer science, has taught dentistry for several years since he completed his residency. But he considers himself a clinical dentist first and foremost.

“You need to be able to practice what you preach,” he says.

He decided to invest in AIC Wall Street because he wants dentists worldwide to have the opportunity for continuing professional development in a setting that has speakers and educators who are experts in the ever-changing fields of dentistry, the business of dentistry and dental technology.

“Clinical dentistry involves putting together systems that enable a proper workflow,” he says. “In the past, these systems were analogue and manual. Today, this workflow is more digital in nature and much easier to automate. New technology that involves material science, dental adhesion and data collection are innovative and make a better, predictable and more productive result. All of the latest and best technologies in the dental industry are available for dentists and their staff members to learn about and work with at AIC Wall Street.”

Dr. Shapiro has two sons in dental school and says that has enabled him to revisit the current dental curriculum. He says dental schools do a great job of providing a solid foundation and the ability to learn the basics of dentistry. However, he says, the learning process is forever.

“In order to be successful, you need to bring your clinical and business education to a more advanced level,” Dr. Shapiro says. “There is a reason we have a continuing education requirement in dentistry. The profession is constantly evolving, and we need to keep up with these changes throughout our careers.”

Just as the actual materials and principles of dentistry have changed over time, so, too, has the technological market of dentistry.

“Thanks to research and innovators in our profession, we have made amazing progress in what we are able to do in dentistry today,” he says. “The change in how we do things today – and the materials and technology that allow us to do it better – is what we strive to teach all the members of the dental profession who want to be better at what they are able to provide to their clients. …It behooves today’s dentist to fully understand what information is necessary to achieve clinical excellence.”

It is important for dentists to learn about new procedures and advanced techniques in a clinical setting like the one provided at AIC Wall Street because seeing procedures done live creates and ensures the realization that these procedures are clinically relevant, Dr. Shapiro says.

“Having the ability to perform the procedures in a clinical environment provides the participants the guidance and confidence necessary to bring knowledge back to their own offices,” he says. “There are very few, if any, educational facilities that combine an operating dental practice, dental laboratory, and a facility that has the latest technology, which makes AIC Wall Street an unparalleled educational experience. The purpose of this educational center is to give its participants the knowledge and confidence necessary to take back and implement in their own offices, resulting in a significant return on their investment in education.”

Dr. Shapiro opened AIC Wall Street in conjunction with Mark Maier, CEO of the Aurum Group of Companies, and Paul Vigario, CEO of The Dental Technology Company that’s motto is Everything Is Connected™.

“For those people in the industry who want to have their clinical products and technology featured at AIC Wall Street, now is the time to reach out before it is too late.” Paul Vigario said when we asked him if he had any tips for those interested in growing within the dental industry.


About AIC Wall Street

Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro, CEO Paul Vigario, and Mark Maier, CEO of The Aurum Group of Companies, the Automation and Innovation Center at Wall Street has created an unparalleled immersive educational center in the heart of New York City where dentists can learn about and work with technology that can take their practices to the next level.

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