AIC Wall Street Offers Dentists an Opportunity to Work with the Latest Dental Technology


NEW YORK, N.Y. — Dental schools worldwide teach students the skills they need to treat patients and the tools to continue the learning process. However, dental technology is evolving and developing at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to expose both students and practicing dentists to all the latest and most innovative technologies they will need to keep their practices competitive and growing in the 21st Century. Consequently, dentists often find themselves questioning where they can learn these skills and/or scrambling in their spare time to catch up with the ever-changing technology in today’s dental environment. Most dentists will be able to fill in some of the technology pieces, but a one stop answer has been beyond reach until now.


Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro, Mark Maier, and Paul Vigario, the Automation and Innovation Center Wall Street provides dentists a central location where they can learn new skills in a live setting to keep up with the latest technological advances. Doctors and members of their staff will get specialized training and learn how to use the most innovative dental technology products in a complete system. 


With a live clinical facility, DSD lab, hands-on education and custom digital workflows, all the pieces are in place to elevate dental professional skills, in a modern state of the art environment.


“Right now, there is a digital revolution and automation happening within dental offices and laboratories, and all of this new technology is dynamic and constantly evolving,” said Dr. Shapiro, a dentist with more than 30 years’ experience. “So, this is a supplement to what people have learned in dental school. And it’s about the business of dentistry and helping to make your practices, laboratories, and anything related to dentistry successful.”


Mark Maier, CEO of The Aurum Group of Companies, said “AIC Wall Street was specifically created to expose, educate, and inspire dentists to integrate this new world of automation and innovation into their dental practice.” 


Paul Vigario, Founder and CEO of the world class dental technology firm and

CEO of DSD Global, is in conversations with industry leading corporations – some of which are Fortune 500 companies – to provide world class education at AIC Wall Street.


“It’s an interesting time for AIC Wall Street and its sponsors because the people who are in these talks are going to get certain perks and certain benefits that are not going to be available later,” Vigario said.


Scott Hines, Vice President of AIC Wall Street, said “this is a place where companies showcase their innovative products and watch them being used in a live clinical setting in front of thousands of dentists each year.”


“The innovation is going to be a constant evolution,” Hines said. “They are going to have the ability to showcase and utilize them in live digital workflow with real life conditions and that is where the innovation comes from – it’s the newest and latest and greatest technologies that are going to be showcased at AIC Wall Street.”


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