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Growing up Kurdish is never an easy task, especially as a Sunni Muslim homosexual

Ljungby, G, Sweden – July 5, 2016 – Growing up Kurdish is never an easy task, especially as a Sunni Muslim homosexual. Alan never truly believed he had a preference for boys until he turned 14. Their local youth football team had a practice and as is always the case after practice; a shower. He always paid particular attention to the other boys on the team, specifically when they showered.  Sometimes he would find himself stuck in a trance, staring at how well some of the other boys were “developing”.  The fear of his traditional Muslim father finding out was too much to overcome at times. Alan’s dad would often tell him as a young man that “Allah would never condone homosexuality” and that “Homosexuality is a bigger sin than being a Jew.” What was Alan supposed to do?

Months had passed and he still had hope that maybe he was just “going through a phase.” As Alan began to see girls more and more frequently, he became increasingly concerned that he was in fact gay. Alan couldn’t get excited around them and he wasn’t aroused whatsoever. They would show interest in him and tell him how much he look like Lou Bega but he wasn’t having any of it. He wanted something else. Deep.

Years had passed and because of political unrest in Kurdistan Alan moved to Turkey. These were the most memorable years of his life. His first ever “experience” which is something he’ll get into a bit later. Alan has since moved to Sweden where despite his sexual orientation; He is accepted. Despite his skin color; he is a Swede and frankly Alan could not be happier.

Alan is raising funds to publish his autobiography because his story must be told. Many Muslim men like himself are living a lie for fear of persecution. The prophet does not mind our gender preferences.  This is Alan’s message.

Alan started a GoFundMe campaign:

All collected funds will be go towards the publishing of his autobiography. Furthermore, he is working with a web developer to create a platform in which fellow men like himself can share their own stories with others.  His hope is to raise 3500 EUR by mid summer!

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Alan K. Daoud

Ljungby, G, Sweden