Are you ready to take control of your own life? Are you motivated and ready to be financially successful? Lucky for you, i’ve got just the place to start, it’s called The Gold University…

Are you ready to take control of your own life? Are you motivated and ready to be financially successful? Lucky for you, i’ve got just the place to start, it’s called The Gold University. The Gold University is an online sales training course taught by Sales Professional Alex Gold. At The Gold University you learn how to become a closer on the phone, a real sales professional. There are courses for beginning sales training, all the way to advanced, as well as guidance in self improvement. Alex guides you step by step along the way, showing you and giving you the right tools and information to succeed on your own. This course also includes the necessary tools to either work from home or even start up your own business. Not only do you become a sales professional but you become a better you.

    Alex Gold is a self made business owner who’s been running call centers for the past 10 years and has a bachelor’s degree in business. He’s failed over and over, opening up 8 different call centers, 7 of which went out of business. On his 8th call center, with the right steps, his business flourished. He now has two office locations, one in Las Vegas and one Los Angeles, with over 100 employees. The difference between Alex and other sales gurus is that he doesn’t just tell you he did it and is just telling you a story, he still continues to sell daily. Not only does he continue to sell, but he only offers a product with morals behind it and is genuinely trying to make a difference. Whether you’re looking to work in sales, improve your own business, or even start your own business, Alex Gold and The Gold University is the best choice for you. Do you think you could reach the Alex Gold standard?

    When you attend The Gold University you get to watch video lessons taught by Alex Gold on how to become a sales professional, Start a business, run a business, and even self improvement. Watching his step by step training videos will help you exceed your financial goals while building your confidence. Alex Gold will show you the best way to step up your game on the phones as well as in your life. He wants to keep you motivated and help you to become financially successful. Throughout the sales training courses you understand how to stay organized, stay on track, and accomplish your goals. He teaches you the best way to care for a customer, how to tend to their needs, build rapport, and follow up. With this program you’ll have nothing but guaranteed financial success as well as teaching you improving life habits. If you’re dedicated and motivated Alex Gold will show you how to close the deal.

    After you graduate from the Gold University, you will be a phone sale professional with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. This online sales training course turns you into a phone shark, a real sales professional. You get to learn from someone who’s done it himself, and wants you to be successful too. Not only do you get to learn from Alex Gold, once you’ve completed the course, Alex Gold offers you a job alongside him. You will get the chance to work from one of his two office locations or from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve graduated The Gold University, you’ll have the right set of skills and ambition Alex Gold is looking for on his team. He guides you through the school and gives you the tools necessary tools to flourish on your own. Whether you work for Alex Gold, work from home, or are trying to start up your own business, The Gold University is the right place for you. Completing The Gold University means you’re dedicated and ready to become a phone sales professional and take control of your own life. Now, are you ready to close the deal?

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