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What is self development? Self development is the process of which a person goes through to better develop their characteristics and abilities gradually over time.. Everyone talks about trying to better themselves but do they really know where to start? What they actually need to do? Well, it’s not easy, but we’re here to help. Here at The Gold University, Alex Gold himself, teaches you different ways on how to better yourself and your life. He shows you step-by-step how to get the results you’re looking for, plus he wants to help you get motivated and stay motivated!

One of the biggest things to improve your lifestyle is dedication. It takes focus and dedication to make the changes you’re looking for. Here at The Gold University, Alex Gold teaches you how to set goals and then reach them. Most people believe that if you stay focused and keep your goal to yourself you’ll be more successful, but that’s not completely true. If you set a goal to yourself you’re less likely to succeed on your own because there’s Just not enough motivation. But if you were to tell others your goals, you’re not only setting the expectation for yourself but for everyone around you. When you set expectations for someone else and not just yourself the pressure to commit to your goal becomes even higher. You’re not just letting yourself down you be letting others down too. Set some goals, big and small, and let everyone know. Show people you mean business and stick to your word.

Setting goals is definitely one of the biggest step to self improvement, but there are plenty of other components to bettering your life. In one of his many lessons, Alex Gold talks about having integrity. Having integrity makes people want to form relationships with you it makes it where people want to do business with you. You can never be successful building bridges and then burning them constantly. If you have integrity you’ll have better friends, more business, and most importantly you’ll be a better person. Not only should you have integrity but you should surround yourself with others that Live up to that same standard you do. Surrounding yourself with the right people is another great way for improvement.

Who you hang around and who your friends are say a lot about you. Surrounding yourself with people that have the same goals and standards as you is a great way to stay motivated and consistent. If you’re hanging around mediocre people, you’re probably living a mediocre life. Although, if you’re surrounding yourself with mentors and other successful people, you’re more likely to succeed in your own life. Finding someone or something to be your inspiration is a great way to get motivation. If you want success then you have to see who you’re surrounding yourself with, because who you surround yourself with your mentors are, is going to be what you’re doing every day. What you see and what you do every day is who you are going to become.

In the end, the one person that’s always going to be there for you, is you. Yet you are your own worst enemy. Of course surrounding yourself with great people is a good way to improve, but the only person that can really make the improvement, is you. A lot of people like to help others, but it’s not just about always helping others. Did you know the best way to help others, is to help yourself? Once you get done what you need to get done for yourself, then you’d have so much more to offer others. Your goals and your accomplishments will inspire others. If you really want to help, then worry about yourself first.

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