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Alex Gold Inc -The Gold Opportunity

At The Gold University we have many different courses to teach you and show you how to improve not only your sales skills but also help you develop good personal habits. Not only are we here to help you improve your mindset but we want to guide you in the right direction for financial success. It takes dedication and motivation to be financially successful but that’s what The Gold University is here for. In these courses Alex Gold himself is the one teaching you how to stay motivated and become a phone sales professional. Our goal is to make sure that coming out of these courses you feel ready to take on any challenge thrown in your way. Sales isn’t just a job it’s a way of life. Sales is in everything we do, whether it’s selling a friend on an idea or convincing the squad where to go for dinner. You have to sell them on the idea, right? Why not learn to do it on a professional level?

Here at The Gold University we give you all the tools necessary to start getting on the right financial track. Not only is Alex showing you step by step what to do but anyone that finishes the course gets the chance to work along Alex himself at one of his various offices! So you get the opportunity to learn from him videos as well as a job offer at the end of the class. You’ll be able to work side by side with the man himself and learn from him personally on a daily basis. Alex has two offices located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Now, some of you are probably thinking, how can I work with him if I don’t even live in the state? We’ve got another opportunity for you as well! Not only does Alex offer jobs in his office but he also has an equal opportunity program where you can work from home! Doesn’t that sound nice? Being able to work in the comfort of your own home, work your own hours, and still get all the same training as his in-office employees!

This new program is designed for people who still want to learn to be financially successful but do it on their own terms. It will take some dedication and plenty of motivation and that’s why Alex is here to help. With this program you still get the full benefits of The Gold University! You still get the full course from Alex teaching you how to be a phone sales professional, how to stay motivated, and how to become financially successful. Just like his in-office employees you get the full training necessary needed to succeed but being able to do it wherever you are. With this at home program you get to schedule your own work hours and your own pay. You decide how much you’re going to make that day. Are you self-motivated enough to become an at home sales shark?

Working from home has many different benefits and that’s why we’re offering you this opening. We want to give others who don’t get the chance to work side by side with Alex the same opportunity to be successful. Since you work from home you get to make your own hours and it gives you the flexibility to take care of other responsibilities that might need attention. You may be a stay at home mom with a crazy in and out schedule but with this program you get to earn on your own time. Although, working at home does have its perks, we want to make sure you’re not wasting your time. Working from home is an amazing deal but it takes motivation, dedication, and focus. If you’re not focused on the work you’re not focused on the prize. We want to help everyone reach their goals and be financially successful.    

Not only do you get the complete sales training but this course helps give you guidance on self-improvement and how to stay motivated. Alex shows you personally how to stay organized, motivated, and keep pushing to not only better yourself but your finances too. We’re looking for strong minded and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to get ahead. We want to build a team of strong minded and dedicated individuals ready to become phone sales professionals. The Gold University is the place to start! Let Alex teach you how to become a sales professional and come join our team, there’s never a better time than now!

Media Contact
Company Name: Alex Gold Inc
Contact Person: Alex Gold
Phone: (866) 849-0450
Address: 3555 Pecos Mcleod
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: United States


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