Alexis Johnson Announces Candidacy for US Congress [CD-3] Northern New Mexico.



Alexis Johnson is a Pro-Life, Constitutionalist, Fiscal and Socially Conservative Engineer, Rancher and Mother. Born and Raised in Southeastern New Mexico, Alexis is now raising her family with her husband Chris in Santa Fe, and she understands the challenges faced every day by New Mexican families. Alexis is a proud New Mexican who believes in ‘New Mexico First’ principles: Protecting and advocating for the interests of average, every day working New Mexicans.

A graduate of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, eighth best engineering university in the United States, Alexis then worked as an environmental engineer and liaison working in Texas in the Permian Basin, helping private business, governmental entities and environmental groups to reach a solution to incredibly complex challenges. Alexis is running as a Republican for the US House of Representatives representing New Mexico Congressional District 3.

Alexis understands the incredible natural resource of the Permian Basin and its importance to the New Mexico Economy, and as a representative, will work to ensure that federal legislation is enacted which will protect, maintain and maximize the economic benefit of the Oil & Gas in NM to the NM and US Economy as well as the average New Mexican through increased job and educational opportunities.

Alexis is not a politician but will work every day for the great people of New Mexico as Representative in Washington, D.C. Alexis has the track record, experience and qualifications to help New Mexico become the best that it can be!

Alexis Johnson for CongressAlexis Johnson for Congress 120 S. Federal Pl. Ste. 101 PO Box 9401 Santa Fe, NM 87504