Marketing expenditures are on the rise every day and it is currently approaching $1 trillion a year, of which much of these expenditures are wasted due to customer’s reluctance to disclose their personal information and how inefficient market research are being done. Likewise, the reward programme currently costs about $500 billion annually in North America with about 100 billion dollars unused rewards points which is majorly caused by  customers not valuing the reward points.

Mobilebridge Momentum is the world’s first blockchain and crypto token marketing based which rewards its best customers with token and also redefines how companies build customer relationships by rewarding customers for their business, data insights, and attention while also giving customers full control over their personal data.

Momentum will be solving basic problems such as:

  • The traditional marketing system which is often disliked by customers due to their bad timing and lack of personalization
  • Failure in loyalty programmes due to lack of ownership and sense of value by consumers thereby making point offer of no value and causing them to often expire.

Momentum will be revolutionizing marketing and loyalty programme and will also provide a mechanism through which companies can reward their customers by crediting them with crypto coins. Likewise, momentum will allow retailers to launch their own token based reward programs through which they can provide rewards for their customers while also gaining new insights on customers’ behavior.

Furthermore, momentum will be making use of the mobile bridge platform which is used for identifying the optimum time and location for interacting individually with customers in order to maximize their engagement. This will be done through the use of data from online and offline sources. With the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the mobile bridge technology will ultimately revolutionize marketing and loyalty programmes.

The momentum innovative token will be used in four different ways which include:

  • A reward and loyalty token which will be used to reward customers for their attention, business, data insights and brand awareness.
  • A gate token which enables consumers to convert company branded loyalty rewards into momentum tokens
  • A platform payment currency used by companies to pay for access to the momentum platform
  • A cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer transfer and investment

The benefits of the momentum token system to both consumers and companies include:

  • Companies are able to reward customers for their time and activity
  • Companies will be able to understand their customers better and relate more effectively with them
  • Reduction of spam and unwanted messages
  • Customers will be able to have complete control over shared data thereby optimizing users’ journey and offers

Mobilebridge Momentum currently has a token sale underway in order to fund further development of their ecosystem. It’s possible that given the interesting benefits their ecosystem offers over traditional loyalty rewards programs, this project may end up doing quite well in the long run.

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