ALM’ADINA to be nominated number #1 among top international financial companies


ALM’ADINA has been in business for some years now, and has won several awards for being the company that is not only created for profit, but for global charity activities.

To this effect, AL M’ADINA GROUP in recognitionwill be nominated as the number one among top international financial companies and Best Company to Work For in 2018. This nomination list is designed to recognize and celebrate the very best companies – making the most of their human potential of their organizations.

The agency that ranks top international financial companies does so by matching participants (companies) scores against equally sized peers to select those that perform the best based on several factors.

This includes being the company in which staffs report high levels of trust all through the organization. Employees are simply really excited and proud to be part of such organization.

The company’s workforce consistently enjoys great leadership, with high degree of confidence driven by leaders’ strong communication, integrity, and transparency.

Each participating company is scored on the analysis of responses to several survey inquiries and evaluation by industry experts.

Several assessment points and feedback is provided to determine the company that fits the nomination of being the number one financial company to take the title.

 For ALM’ADINA to be nominated number #1 among top international financial companies, it means it is a firm that meets the highest standards in business, and is 100% trustworthy. Records on balance sheets are impeccably error-free. The company isn’t totally driven by profits only, but also spends money for innovation, improving systems, and supporting workforce work life balance and morale.  

AL M’ADINA GROUP business culture is based on honesty, loyalty, and integrity. The company is a great place to work, as leadership delivers on its promises, always!

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