Amazon Debuts Kidney Restore Supplement For Improving Kidney Disease


Amazon Debuts Kidney Restore Supplement For Improving Kidney Disease

Kidney Restore is a breakthrough dietary supplement formulated for people with kidney problems. Now available on Amazon Prime and the maker’s website

Kidney Restore was created by Robert Galarowicz ND, a Naturopath, but more importantly, a kidney disease sufferer who has been through every stage of kidney disease, dialysis and receiving a kidney transplant. He founded the company Healthy Kidney Publishing whose goal is to help people improve their kidney health naturally, through diet, and by using the latest in medical advances. 

This ground-breaking supplement supplies key ingredients that help reduce stress on the kidneys and boost function. These ingredients, such as enteric-coated sodium bicarb, pre and probiotics, and niacin have been shown to help support a healthy GFR, creatinine and overall health.

When Kidney Restore is taken along with a healthy kidney diet, the results can be fantastic. Clients have given numerous testimonials, more of which are listed at, citing improved energy, quality of life, fewer digestive problems, more energy and healthier kidney numbers.

“My motivation in creating this kidney supplement,” says Robert Galarowicz, “was to help myself and chronic kidney disease sufferers improve their current state of kidney health.  It’s been very satisfying to see how well it works and the wonderful feedback from those who’ve taken this kidney supplement.”

Kidney Restore has been shown to:

  • Improve the acid/alkaline balance which is often a problem in kidney disease…
  • Allow probiotics consume the kidney toxins as food, letting the kidney to rest and heal …
  • Lower potassium levels, which improves the health of the kidney …
  • Lower phosphorus levels which stress the kidneys …


Learn more about Kidney Restore and how important it is to your kidney health. This kidney supplement is FDA registered, cGMP (certified good manufacturing practices), made in the USA and designed for optimal kidney health.

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