American Entrepreneur Mobeen Mian, Gets IMDB Recognition for Past Work. Seeks Film Production


Mobeen Mian is an American Entrepreneur , producer, analytics ambassador, investor, and graduate student who currently runs a multimedia brand. He is a brand consultant who specializes in social media marketing, photography, videography, and customized clothing for small and large businesses.

Recently, Mobeen Mian, producer, and entrepreneur, was given the ranking to be featured on IMDB for his work just by producing content through his own multimedia brand. A consistent drive and motivation for others to exemplify, and  a mogul with collaborations, the work only led to successful endeavors for the brand #Focuseddd. Mian is on a promotional tour through his brand #Focuseddd (@focuseddd_) , and within the tour ventures, covering showcases and events in multi-cities in the United States.

Mobeen Mian, now in grad school now completing his Masters in 2021, has led his team #FOCUSEDDD consistently promoting projects and start-ups since 2017. Through different platforms not only as a media production company for profit, but as also a motivational movement, organizing canned food events for the homeless, fundraisers, and clothing giveaways in his own city of Dallas, Texas. Partnering with known organizations such as Metrocrest services, public schools and students who are in low-income areas, and nonprofits, has been the basis of making a difference within the community for the brand. Mobeen Mian explains that the tour will be a consistent yearly move and project for the team and that it only gives them a basis of larger organizational collaborations.

Promotional Tour City’s:

Dallas->New York City->Los Angeles->Long Beach->Denver->Houston

To learn more: Visit Instagram pages @focuseddd_ and @mobeenmian

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