American Retirees Are Moving To Panama For A Better Way Of Life


More American retirees are leaving the USA and moving to Panama for a more affordable way of life. By moving to Panama they are not only having a new adventure but they are able to stretch their money so it goes further

In America, there has been a big increase in the number of people who retire early. The average age for retirement in the USA is between the ages of 61 and 65. However, that trend is now changing, and more than 18% retire under the age of 60. Panama Relocation Tours, a company that provides tours of Panama for people considering moving to the country located in the continent of Central America expects a huge increase in the number of people who retire early.

The company that provides free advice for retires looking to move to Panama for a better and lower cost of living ( has found 55 is the new 65 for retirement. According to Panama Relocation Tours, more couples are looking for early retirement to enjoy life instead of holding down a stressful full-time job. With children left home, those in their 50’s wants to experience a new adventure and visit places around the world they have never been to, with some never returning.

Jackie Lange the founder of Panama Relocation Tours said: “The world is changing, and many people in their 50s look at their life and create changes. Some of those changes including moving to another country for a better and enjoyable life.”

Panama Relocation Tours have seen a huge increase in the number of men and women in their early 50s looking to move to Panama. According to the company that has released a free series covering everything a person needs to know about moving to Panama, Donald Trump and previous Presidents have left people disillusioned. With the cost of living increasing and no President tackling the problem of low wages and high real estate prices, many Americans are turning their backs on the USA to retire early aboard. One of those countries is Panama.

Panama has become a major attraction for people wishing to retire early and experience a new but more exciting life. The country has come a big favorite for American retirees due to its low cost of living, excellent health care system, and low-cost real estate.

“I am finding with speaking to a large number of people under the age of 60 who come on my tour of Panama that they no longer see the point in working hard until they reach official retirement age. More people want to explore the world and achieve their dreams.” Explained Jackie Lange.

A recent report has found that it is not just people in their 50s looking to retire. According to the report, more young people are planning their retirement from their early 30s, with some planning to retire in their early fourites.

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