Announcing Kydra Flex Shorts – Invented for the Urban Athlete


Redesigning the sphere of activewear: the perfect pair of shorts for the city athlete.


Singapore, Singapore – July 25, 2016 – A year ago, declining innovation within the active wear market brought together a group of like-minded city athletes. As a team of athletes born and raised in the city, the Kydra team knew what their audience wanted – quality apparel with a tailored fit, encompassing functions catered for every modern athlete’s needs. Thus, Kydra was founded and along with that, the first and only Kydra Flex Shorts – a revolutionary piece of apparel that integrates athletics with aesthetics.


Kydra discovered a shift in focus towards the female industry, with major brands lacking much thought in their active wear design. Incorporating flashy colours and outdated materials. These brands no longer placed their customers first. Men’s apparel became second priority. This bring about Kydra’s pioneering product: The Kydra Flex Shorts.


Kydra’s shorts encompasses both the function and comfort of your everyday sportswear whilst integrating the aesthetics of your favourite pair of shorts. With top notch functionality and use of performance materials, going about your daily exercise routine has never been easier, and more flattering.


With anti-pilling, anti-abrasion, sweat wicking, anti-bacterial, breathable, and comfortable materials…Kydra understands the importance of comfort and flexibility during workouts. Hence they have ensured that Kydra only utilizes materials of the highest quality for their apparel. Kydra features include: tights, media pocket, hidden card and key pocket, and a wallet pocket. The Kydra Flex Shorts can be used for running, working out, swimming, cycling, tennis, casual wear and much more.


About Kydra


Kydra was started by co-founder Jimmy, co-founder Wong Dingyao, art director Matt, and graphic designer Hiroshi Chee. Kydra aims to be at the forefront of the innovative active wear. We are currently in contact with various research and development teams around the globe to attain the most cutting edge materials for our products. Concurrently, we have been garnering feedback from avid athletes on what they hope to see in Kydra’s next line of apparel.



Kydra’s Flex Shorts are sold below the margin of many major brands. The bulk of Kydra’s cost is attributed to the material and workmanship that went into designing their shorts. Without your support, it would be impossible for us to fulfil our minimum order quantity (and sadly, their dreams).



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