Announcing Solar Powered Flying Hospitals to Help Save More People Around the World


Help design and build SOLAR POWERED Flying Hospital aircraft for worldwide humanitarian aid


Phoenix, AZ – November 18, 2015 – Turtle Airships will design and create a new type of solar powered aircraft that will deliver Humanitarian Aid around the world; to be used by the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, and other humanitarian agencies.


The use of airplanes is too expensive, and limited to the availability of airports.   Helicopters or “drones” do not need airports, but are also hugely expensive.  And then, even when aid is delivered to an airport, it must be hauled by truck to distant areas where the roads may be destroyed, and where bandits can steal the aid.   It is a worldwide problem.  Turtle Airships can fix it.


Their solution aircraft can carry humanitarian aid directly to where it is needed, anywhere on Earth. This new aircraft needs no airport at all.  It can land in a field, even on a flooded plain or on a mountain side. They eliminate the chances for theft, or delay.   It will save lives.


Because it is solar powered, it is cheaper to use than gas guzzling planes or helicopters; and, it can be built to huge sizes…big enough to actually carry tons of food, water and medicines, or hundreds of disaster victims to safety, or to carry doctors, nurses and other emergency aid.


In order to make their solar powered aircraft, Turtle Airships needs some financial backing and help from people to design and demonstrate a flying model. The model is just a first baby step towards great things.  Again, they onnly need enough money to build it.  Because of this they have deliberately kept our funding goal very low.  If they do raise more than their goal; that extra will be used for a next, larger project.


About Turtle Airships

Darrell Campbell is the designer of the “turtle” airship. What is a TURTLE AIRSHIP? It is: A lighter-than-air craft; but not a blimp or zeppelin. Although lifted by helium, the Turtle Airship is constructed of high strength carbon fiber and aluminum. Unlike blimps, the Turtle Airship is fast. It is an all-weather craft. It is amphibious. It is Solar Powered.


It is THE NEXT BIG THING; and will change the world.


A Quarter of a Century ago, Campbell was trying to come up with a name for his company; which was based on his new design for a modern-day airship.


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Darrell Campbell

Phoenix, AZ