Announcing Stacy’s Hound – a Journey to Getting a Diabetic Alert Dog


Help raise funds needed for a service dog, a DAD from Heads Up Hounds.

Buffalo, NY – June 20, 2016 – Stacy Koury had been researching Diabetic Alert Dogs (known as DAD’s) on and off for several years. Service animals are not cheap and insurances do not pay one penny towards them even though they can save the insurance company money in the long run!  

Being a diabetic for over 30 years, Stacy not always able to keep it under good control, and it still isn’t though it is a lot better than what it has been. She has diabetic retinopathy because of this.  Ten years ago Stacy woke up and saw blood out of her right eye.  A week and many doctors’ appointments later she was told that she would not regain the sight she had lost in that eye but they could try to save what little I had left.  What followed was several months of intense, painful laser surgery.  She also had to have this done in her left eye but they thankfully caught it in that eye before it got too bad otherwise she would not have the eyesight I do right now.

Stacy made a decision to start searching for a DAD again.  After two weeks of research and nearly signing up with a scam artist that she made the decision to go with the great people at Heads Up Hounds.  She instantly fell in love with them because they use rescue and shelter dogs instead of dogs from breeders.  Stacy has a long way to go before she has her own DAD but she has started the process and on May 1st her application was accepted!

Milestones to meet:

  • Raise enough money for the deposit.  Once Heads Up Hounds has Stacy’s deposit she is put on a waiting list! ($1,500)
  • Raise the rest of the funds. This includes the rest of the payment for the service dog ($7,000 which includes the tax.)
  • Once a DAD has been found for me and trained she will need to spend 3 days in Nebraska as she learns how to work with her new DAD!

Anything raised over the amount needed for the DAD will be put towards airfare, hotel, and food for the trip along with any supplies I might need at home for the DAD.

About Heads Up Hounds

At Heads Up Hounds they strive to be different. It is their goal to understand the needs of each person individually and to carefully train a rescue dog to fit those needs. Heads Up Hounds was created to help those with diabetes who think diabetic alert dogs are out of their reach. Using our highly specialized training program, we are able to offer diabetic alert dogs for a much less daunting price than other traditional diabetic alert dog companies.

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Stacy Koury

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