Announcing Stewart: First Full-lengh Album and Music Videos

Join Valerie as she encounters new forms of life and struggles with new feelings and perceptions.

Bristol, United Kingdom – May 23, 2016 – Stewart Dargaiton announces his first EP “Walk On the Mercury” that is a concept album that follows the journey of a life form named Valerie as she traverses the planet Mercury. Valerie, however, is not like most space travelers – she is actually the living embodiment of emotion, quite delicate and fragile. Valerie is literally “nothing”, a transcendental state that all great meditators seek to obtain. Join Valerie as she encounters new forms of life and struggles with new feelings and perceptions. This is the first album of its kind and I think everyone will be able to relate to it.

Stewart launched an Indiegogo campaign to reach like-minded people for collaboration, raise money in exchange for early access and rewards, and he also want to spread the word.  The more people he can get involved in “Walk On the Mercury” the more functional and successful it will be.  So this campaign will give you the basics on Stewart’s efforts and progress.  Beyond that he encourages you to ask him questions, donate and get involved. He developed “Walk On the Mercury” for your benefit, so enjoy!

About Stewart Dargaiton


Like most parents Stewart’s heart and soul resides with his only daughter of six years of age.  She breathes the life into his music and everything he does is for her.

But his story started before her.  As he was born in 1976 in Hungary, as most know this time and place provided a less than desirable location to live there. So after 8 years working in the theatre in Hungary, Stewart moved to the United Kingdom for his first taste of freedom and musicianship.

Inspired by his new scenery in the United Kingdom, Stewart practiced the handpan every day without fail, and soon began to develop his own unique style. Most handpan players have a New Age sound that is useful for Yoga and other forms of meditation, but he found himself pioneering a new style all of his own.


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Stewart Dargaiton

Bristol, United Kingdom