Announcing StickQuik Big Magnetic Bands – The Best Organization Accessory Ever

StickQuik’s popular magnetic bands are designed with a larger diameter and a stronger Rare Earth magnet. Made with recyclable material.

Anaheim, CA – April 25, 2016 – After their successful launch of StickQuik Bands, Mike Macias and Marco Galli had a lot of feedback both from our backers and from people they’ve met at various shows and events. The two main comments we’ve received are: When are you coming out with larger bands & when will you have more colors? They finally can say yes to those two questions with this Kickstarter project.

For those new to the StickQuick, a handy little product, StickQuik Bands™ are a Patent-Pending accessory that offers the user instant, handy access and organization for tools, utensils or implements of any kind.

StickQuik Bands™ are powerful magnetic bands that can be stretched to snugly fit any ferrous or non-ferrous hand tool or utensil handle. StickQuik Bands™ come in two diameter sizes, 1/2″ D (12.7mm) and 3/8” D (9.525mm), to accommodate a variety of hand tools, kitchen utensils and implements.  Soon we’ll be introducing 3/4″ D (19.05mm) for larger hand and gardening tools.

About StickQuik Bands:

StickQuik Bands™ are only product of its kind designed to hold multiple types of hand tools, cooking utensils and implements of any kind to various surfaces, making the item readily available for instant retrieval and use. They’re great for organizing and displaying items!

These Magnetic Bands are made of high consistency grade Silicone that is embedded with powerful neodymium magnets. Silicone was chosen for its recyclability, tensile strength, low chemical reactivity and for its resistance to oxygen, ozone & ultraviolet (UV) light. Neodymium magnets or rare earth magnets were chosen because they are the most powerful permanent magnets on earth! Because of these neodymium magnets, each StickQuik Band™ can hold and organize kitchen utensils and tools that weigh up to 2 lbs!

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