Announcing the launch of DigitalAssetDB – S&P’s Rating for ICO and Blockchain projects


Announcing the launch of DigitalAssetDB

DigitalAssetDB, a team of cryptocurrency professionals, is rapidly earning a reputation for accurate, deep insights into the often-shadowy world of blockchain technology. Becoming known as much for their strong understanding of emerging blockchain advancements as for their commitment to keeping their audience apprised of all the latest happenings, they are working to add a new level of transparency to cryptocurrency.

Having established themselves within the blockchain community, the team members at DigitalAssetDB are now setting their sights on a major expansion of their services. Building off the DigitalAssetDB Blog, they plan on becoming the premier source for blockchain and cryptocurrency project analysis and reporting.

The services that DigitalAssetDB offers are three-fold: they track the thousands of blockchain projects currently in circulation, highlight the projects with the highest potential for exponential return, and blacklist the projects that they classify as scams.

Currently, Digital Asset DB launched their new site with an emphasis on usability and user-friendliness. Upgrades includes a more intuitive navigation system and a smoother search engine.

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