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Oopsie Baby! The Story of Our Failed Tubal Ligation


Cedar Springs, MI – May 10, 2016 – Dara Sundberg and her husband of almost 9 years is Chris, and they’d like to tell you their story. After spending several years moving from rental to rental, the Sundberg’s were finally able to purchase a home of their own in June of 2014. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, it was the perfect size for their family of 6, and they thought it would be their “Forever Home”.


Four kids were the perfect number for the Sundbergs. They were completely content with their sweet little family, so they took steps to avoid adding to our ranks. Chris bravely underwent a vasectomy, and they thoroughly enjoyed the sense of security it provided. However, did you know that vasectomies are only about 99% effective? Shortly after moving into their home, Dara discovered she was pregnant with baby #5.


In March 2015 the Sundbergs welcomed another little boy to their family, and Dara underwent a tubal ligation during her c-section. All was well! The fun of “no way can getting pregnant” shenanigans could commence!


With 5 children, their lovely home began to feel quite cramped! Baby items she had planned on getting rid of had to be kept, and their storage areas were groaning. Chris and Dara started discussing a modest home addition to gain extra bedroom and living space, but they didn’t see it actually happening for a good five years or so.


Fast forward to April 2016. Baby Adam had recently turned 1, and Dara was dealing with some anxiety issues, since every time before when a baby of theirs turned 1, she would be pregnant shortly after. She spoke to her therapist about it, and was working on getting past it.


Well, instead of her anxiety being relieved, it was increasing more each day my expected cycle was late. I decided I’d get a cheap test from Dollar Tree just to calm myself down, since with the tubal ligation, there was no way I could possibly be pregnant. Right? Wrong! Failed vasectomy, failed tubal. Their family is no longer allowed to say “What are the odds?” The must be one in a billion and are now having their sixth baby.


As they slowly get used to the idea of having their sixth baby, they’re now presented with a few problems:


1: Their minivan only seats seven.

2: Their once perfect 3 bedroom home is now too small.

3: 8 year old baby equipment and hand-me-downs are worn out!


Solving these problems is going to be very expensive. The Sundbergs started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to go towards down payments on a larger family vehicle, and either an addition to our home or the purchase of a larger one. The ability to provide these much needed items for their growing family will be such a relief and a huge weight off of their shoulders.


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Dara Sundberg

Cedar Springs, MI