Announcing the Ugandan Kids Choir Rescue Fund


Help a former tour leader of the Ugandan Kids Choir, a division of Childcare Worldwide .


Fredericksburg, VA – July 28, 2016 –  David Graham is a Former East Coast Tour Leader for the Ugandan Kids Choir. The children in the Ugandan Kids Choir bring a message of hope—sharing the power of God’s love through traditional music and dance. As they tour the US, they delight audiences with their high-energy performances and infectious joy.


Each choir is made up of 10 sponsored children who come from the poorest parts of Uganda. The children are chosen for their enthusiasm, ability, and dedication—all of which make them potential leaders when they return to their communities.


They are eager to perform for you, and provide you an opportunity to help poor children in Africa put an end to poverty, hunger and corruption.


How much do Ugandan kids get paid for coming to America and doing several shows a week fund raising for the charity? Nothing. The children (ages 7 to 12) raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for the charity each week and are not being paid for their labor. They are expected to be thankful for the food they eat each day and also having a place to sleep. These precious children are working very hard in America and sadly they are not being treated fairly.


How much are the adults from Uganda making while working in America? The fulltime teacher on tour and the fulltime choir director are only making 100.00 a week and they were working from at least 6:30 am till 8:30 pm, usually 7 days a week. On top of that, everyone has to care for the children 24/7. They were moving from house to house on average every 2 to 3 days. It is a very hard life to live.


David’s desire is to raise personal gifts for the 12 workers who were on his Ugandan choir tour. The goal is to at least raise 15,000.00 so that the two Ugandan ladies, the teacher and choir director, have at least 2,500.00 each. And it is his hope that the families of the children have at least 1,000.00 each so they can have something to build a better life for all their hard work.  This would help them establish food crops as well as help with education. This is very little, but has to do something.


About David Graham

David Graham is a former tour leader of the Ugandan Kids Choir, a division of Childcare Worldwide. job duties included traveling with and managing the east coast tour. As well as caring for the Ugandan children and two Ugandan adults on a daily basis.


David resigned from his position after he found out the hard way that the children and Ugandan adults on tour, are not being given a better life for all their hard work in America fund-raising for the charity. They return to the same poverty conditions. The children are working in America for basic food and shelter and they are in a new host home every 2-3 days on average.


David only had 2 choices. Either he stayed on tour and remained silent about these working conditions and continued to go out on stage raising funds for the charity or resign and help these precious children myself. If he stayed on tour they would have returned to the same poverty conditions, they left. I simply cannot allow this.



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