Asad Zaidi, CEO of Epinex in an exclusive interview by Huffington Post’s Contributor discusses a breakthrough test for Diabetes


Epinex Diagnostics, Inc., a private medical diagnostics company was mentioned in an exclusive interview with Asad Zaidi, CEO of Epinex with a Huffington Post Contributor.

In the interview, Asad Zaidi shares his story and development of a new test for Diabetes.

Asad Zaidi, CEO of Epinex in an exclusive interview by Huffington Post

About Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.:

Epinex is a privately held company that is developing POC (Point of Care) tests. The company has developed three patented innovative point-of-care products; beyond proof of concept, ready to be manufactured and deployed in the market and has obtained several patents in the USA and other countries. Epinex G1A test for glycated albumin can be used for screening, diagnostics and monthly monitoring of diabetes. It addresses the gap between daily blood sugar and HbA1c testing. The Epinex ACR test for CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) for early indications of renal failure, it uses a portable, handheld reader similar to its diabetes test. The Epinex Simply Sure PT/INR (Prothrombin Time Blood Coagulation Test) is a non-electronic microfluidic device that is developed as an alternative to current PT-INR tests that require an external electronic reader. The company is seeking institutional financing and partnering opportunities.

Company Name: Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.
Contact Person: Marco Robles
Phone: +1 (949) 660-7770
Address:14351 Myford Road Unit J
City: Tustin
State: California
Country: United States