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ASC Mining – Pioneer Cloud Mining Company

Pioneer Cloud Mining Company

ASC Mining (24th February 2018) – The blockchain technology is a decentralized platform that allows for the verification and authentication of transactions involving cryptocurrency, the process through which these transactions are validated before they are recorded on the permanent database is called mining. Consequently, people who engage in ‘mining’ are called miners. Miners earn coins through completed transactions which is charged to the initiator of the transaction. Also, from time to time, the blockchain releases coins as reward for outstanding performance to the miners. Virtually any cryptocurrency can be mined – from the very popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum to the less known coins like feathercoin and Dogecoin.


What is Mining pool

Digital currency mining like several other business ventures requires dedication, time and money. However, with the ever fluctuating price value of cryptocurrency and other contributing market factors, miners may generate only a small amount of income at the end of the day. One of the most important necessities for a miner that could ensure raking in big cash afterwards is a membership in a mining pool. Though mining can be carried out as a solo job, being part of a mining pool boosts chances of higher earnings and rewards. Essentially, a mining pool is an online community of miners who combine resources and efforts effectively increasing their total earnings. At the end of the day, the total income is shared amongst all members in the community. Similarly, cloud mining is a type of mining pool where miners pay a fee to a third party website to do the mining. There are several mining pools available for miners looking to join one, one of such is ASC Mining.


About ASC Mining

ASC mining is a cloud mining platform designed to operate as a mining pool for the mining of cryptocurrencies. With headquarters in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, ASC Mining was developed in 2012 and has expanded and developed over time to become a credible and efficient mining pool. Since its inception, ASC Mining has recorded over 1 million mined coins across 800 different digital currencies. All miners need to do is sign up for an account on the website and make the initial deposit while the system does the rest. With a simple interface and innovative technology that bolsters usability and profitability, ASC Mining is superior to regular mining pools.


Features of ASC Mining

  • User friendly interface

The set-up and design of ASC Mining is simple and easy to navigate. Every member on the platform can view and track their earnings and other necessary metrics from the dashboard on their profile. New features and tools are also automatically updated on the dashboard for all users.

  • Security

Every user has a unique username and password alongside the system’s in-built security protocols to ensure that funds and assets are securely locked and cannot be accessed or hacked by another user in the mining pool.


  • Transparency

All users on the platform heave access to their personal progress in real time as well as the company’s progress report on mining of coins.

  • Excellent Customer Support

An effective and efficient customer care service is in place to ensure that all complaints and requests made by users on the platform are attended to in a timely and efficient manner. The system has a record of 99% response rate within 25 minutes.

  • Technology

The company uses top grade technology that enhances output by analysing the price value of the different currencies and mining whichever one will maximise profit. Also, the speed of the servers and processors is automatically regulated and optimised for efficiency.

  • Conclusion

With a good fee percentage and solid reputation with users in over 20 countries around the globe, ASC mining is one of the most convenient and reliable mining pools in the market currently. Furthermore, the ASC Mining comprises a team of 20 intelligent and qualified IT professionals, fintech analysts, software developers and data scientists that are constantly at work to ensure that this cloud mining platform is effectively generating income at a fast rate for users without any stress.


Contact Person:


Name: Josh N. Burton

Address: Austurbær, Skipholt 37, Reykjavík, Iceland

Tel: 0800 328 0820






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