Atlanta Commercial Realtor Becomes Broker at Self-Owned Tenant Science

Atlanta Commercial Realtor Becomes Broker at Self-Owned Tenant Science

Atlanta Commercial Realtor Becomes Broker at Self-Owned Tenant Science

Atlanta commercial realtor Marc Glaser has now transitioned full-time to his own company Tenant Science, after a 15 year tenure with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. Having owned Tenant Science for over 4 years, the veteran commercial realtor has now decided to utilize his 20+ years of experience completely towards Tenant Science, in order to maximize the company’s potential and give clients a more seamless transaction.

Glaser created Tenant Science in an endeavor to innovate commercial property management by using systematic approaches that get results. Currently serving the Greater Atlanta area and boasting a commendable repertoire of local clients, the company prides itself on its local experience. Some of the services currently being provided by Tenant Science include maintenance and repairs, rent collection, handling all aspects of leasing, online applications and rent collection, property marketing and more.

“With over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, I have geared all of my expertise and energy towards making Tenant Science a truly customer-oriented company that provides integrated services. At Tenant Science, we use a hands-on approach to handle everything effectively and efficiently. Be it background checks and credit checks on prospective tenants or repairs in a property, our team coordinates everything smoothly to provide solid results to our clients,” stated Glaser in an official statement for the press.

He further added “We go the extra mile by providing 24/7 online portal support to our clients. We are currently providing a free rental analysis to Greater Atlanta commercial property owners who are looking to unlock the true profit potential of their Atlanta property.”

In order to share his commercial real estate knowledge and information with a wider demographic, Glaser has now authored a new book that is destined to go on sale at Titled Buy and Optimize, the book is a comprehensive guide for budding commercial real estate investors.

From discussing basics to providing an in-depth analysis of how to acquire commercial properties, how to raise the equity and how to make a profit, the book is an extensive guide filled to the brim with commercial real estate know-how.