Audio News Release Launches Service For Public Companies


News Releases For Today’s Investors


[New York, NY August 20th 2018] — Audio News Release, a division of Breard Marketing Inc. is proud to launch their new service to public companies across North America.

Audio News Release has been developed to evolve news release distribution and provide public companies with the opportunity to benefit from the exploding audio space.

“North Americans now average over 4 hours of audio listening each day. Most investors do not have time in their busy day to read all news releases of public companies that they may have interest in. Conveniently, Audio News Release allows these current and potential shareholders with the ability to listen to news releases while driving their car, sitting on a plane, exercising or even walking their dog,” explained CEO, Scott Breard.

Clients simply submit their pending news release by email, our professional broadcasters then record each as an audio file. Our developers upload the Audio news Release to be listened to on all Apple, Google/Android and Apple devices (laptops, desktops, tablets). This includes Smart Speakers, Smart Phones and newer vehicles with Android Auto or Apple Car Play installed. The Audio News Release service begins at only $200 USD per month.

“We look forward to providing an affordable solution that will compliment the way public companies currently distribute their material news to investors.” noted CEO, Scott Breard.


[Audio News Release provides with professionally recorded audio of their news release and distributes it with company branding on all Apple, Google/Android and Amazon devices.]




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