Author Hope Alcocer Announces Release of First Novel “Where Hope Lies” While Raising TBI Awareness

Many would argue the best fiction has one foot firmly in reality. Author and entrepreneur Hope Alcocer would likely agree, recently announcing a March 2016 release for her first book “Where Hope Lies”, a piece of fiction that incorporates large parts of her own very real personal experiences into the plot. Well known as a successful entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and very popular writer, Alcocer brings her same compelling and heartfelt writing style to the world of fiction with her very first novel.

“This book, while fiction, gives the reader a raw, emotional look into the main character’s heart, mind, and soul.” says Alcocer. “This book has been a fun project, but also a means of very intense therapy for me as I’ve dealt with quite a bit in the last couple years. It is fiction meshed with bits and pieces of my real life, that I think goes beyond entertaining, but also can offer value to those who find themselves facing similar challenges. I’m blessed that over the last several years of my writing career that I have built up quite a following online through social media, but offline as well. I hope that support continues as I do one of the scariest things I’ve ever done – release a piece of my heart to the world.”

Portions of both pre-orders and sales from the month of March, which is Brain Injury Awareness Month, will be donated to the Brain Injury Association, as a way of giving back as Alcocer suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury herself ten years ago.

Alcocer has seen a great deal of success in past projects. One big highlight was KHLOE (an acronym for Klothes, Health, Love, Opportunity, and Empowerment), a digital lifestyle magazine the young entrepreneur founded and operated, funded through a very successful crowdfunding campaign. This grassroots approach can still be seen in how the author relates to her fans and supporters on social media and the pure energy she brings to promoting “Where Hope Lies”.

‘Where Hope Lies’ will be available on,, and Apple iBooks. For more information on this book and Hope Alcocer herself, be sure to visit Follow her writer’s journey on Goodreads as well for giveaways, news, and upcoming signings.

About Hope Alcocer PR

Hope Alcocer, Chicago-born and Michigan-raised, is an award-winning entrepreneur, coffee addict, writer, and marketing professional. At the age of 22, she launched her freelance writing and media company, which served as the launching platform for successful businesses such as Khloē Magazine, Coffee with the Bride Wedding Planning, and HA Studios. Five years later, Hope now resides in New York City where she works as a marketing manager in the entertainment industry. This is her first novel and is inspired by true events in her life. In her spare time, she enjoys studying health and fitness, dancing, and spending time with her loud, but lovable, Armenian family.