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If there is just one book that is a must read, then it has to be the first in an exciting murder mystery trilogy according to book lovers and book review experts. The new trilogy that everyone is talking about and which has also received awards and mentions at literature festivals in literary magazines has been written by William P. Messenger.

The first book in the trilogy is called Shattered Triangle (, a book that has been described as one of the most intense and exciting murder mystery novels of recent times. As one critic has said, this book contributes to the movement of the mystery genre: the milieu of the nihilistic big city morphed into upper class sadism which gave way to academic considerations then to a scatological and hurtling pace and now to Messenger’s métier of religion and crisis of conscience. This book follows the story of three childhood friends who go their separate ways but are brought together in adulthood through the tragedy of death.

Giuseppe Lozano, a candidate for U.S. Senate, returns home one night like so many times before but is shocked to find his wife and three children have been murdered. There is no reason behind the murder. So why were they killed? With little evidence at the scene of the crime, Giuseppe Lozano is left wondering who could have committed such a dreadful crime and thus change his life forever.

Tom Moran, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department comes to the aid of his friend to try and find out who was behind the murders. This is not just any case; this is a case that is personal where he will stop at nothing until he has uncovered what really happened.

With a story containing many twists and turns, this first book in the trilogy will be very hard to put down. Those who love a great story can then turn to the second book in the trilogy which is titled Beleaguered Truth (

Beleaguered Truth has gained worldwide exposure. For those wondering why the answer is to be found in the pages of a story that is at once familiar, suspected and intriguing. Continuing the saga of three childhood friends, William P. Messenger has woven together a story of International terrorism (familiar), political turmoil (suspected) and personal ambition (intrigue).

The third book in the trilogy is Impending Fate (, a story that follows Senator Giuseppe Lozano in his relentless pursuit of the power he has craved since childhood. In this book, Giuseppe shows his true colors and the disturbing conclusion will shock the reader.

William P. Messenger has been described as one of the most exciting novel writers of our time, and these three books show why he is gaining so much recognition.

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About William P. Messenger

William P. Messenger was born in Los Angeles and is a great lover of his home city. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1977, spending over 30 years in active ministry. In 2010 he resigned and retired to Whittier, CA. He has authored articles for national publications and lectured on subjects ranging from justice and peace to equality and human rights, to politics and international affairs.

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