Basic Counseling Techniques: A Beginning Therapist’s Toolkit Now Available On Amazon


Basic Counseling Techniques: A Beginning Therapist’s Toolkit was written by Wayne Perry

The new book from Wayne Perry helps those new to the counseling profession to understand how to correctly set up a therapy room and how to put all the theory that has been taught in the classroom into practice in a real therapy room. The author shares his forty-five years of experience to help new professionals to become better prepared for their clients.

One of the most important self-help books for new therapists and counselors is now available on Amazon. Basic Counseling Techniques: A Beginning Therapist’s Toolkit was written by Wayne Perry, a highly valued therapist with more than forty-five years of experience.

The new book which is recommended by lecturers and even used in some classrooms helps people in the counseling and therapist field understand the important issues of how to set up a therapy room in order to best help their clients. This book which has gained huge exposure around the counseling and therapy world also helps qualified counselors to become more experience by putting all the theory from the classroom into practice when dealing with real patients.

There are a lot of theory books out there. However, Wayne Perry sets aside all the theory and brings to his book all the practical requirements from all of his years of experience with working with clients and providing them with the positive results.

In like any profession, from Doctors to Counsellors [WP1] having all the theory under their belt helps professionals to understand what is required of them, but putting that theory into practice is a different matter. This new book helps people in the counseling profession to put everything they have learned in the classroom and more into practice.

Wayne helps the reader understand how to put different techniques into practice and when to use those techniques to benefit the patient and client.

The reader will learn how to:

• apply nine different sets of clinical tools;

• select the appropriate tool for the appropriate clinical situation; and

• improve how you carry out the clinical thinking process.

Basic Counseling Techniques: A Beginning Therapist’s
Toolkit allows new therapists and counselors to tap into Wayne Perry experience and allows them to become a more experienced and prepared therapist. However, it’s not just new counselors who the book will benefit. Those who currently work in the field will find the book useful and allow them to become a better therapist.

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About Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry is a faculty member in the master’s and PhD programs in marriage and family therapy at Northcentral University. He brings more than 20 years’ university teaching experience and supervising therapy to this work. He is a Clinical Fellow and an Approved Supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor of Supervision, and a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

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