Bay Area Writer & Entrepreneur gives new life to unplayable records by rescuing them for creative reuse.



SANFRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—Have you ever wondered what to do with those scratched, cracked or unplayable records? Local crafter, Heather Jacks, is giving new life and new homes to these once-loved musical treasures in the form of record bags, purses and writing journals.

Heather Jacks loves collecting old vinyl records, and she especially likes to rescue the ones that are no longer playable. Based out of her San Francisco studio, Jacks, cuts, sews, rivets, finishes and hand crafts records into beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures that connect her clients to their favorite band or musical genre in a completely unique way.

At the heart of what Rock A Record is the idea that people love things that are tangible and concrete, things that tie us to different memories, experiences, or relationships,” Jacks says. “My pieces are the perfect embodiment of that idea, and nothing brings me more satisfaction than watching when someone picks up a record purse or writing journal at my booth and lights up.” Jacks’ believes vinyl is the perfect medium for connecting with people looking for a special memory.

Those interested in learning more about Jacks and her work can visit her website at She also sells the purses and journals on the second Saturday of every month at Jack London Square in Oakland and the last weekend of each month at Treasure Island Flea in San Francisco.

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