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Beatrice Sargin says she works at Intentional Insights a non-profitable charity organization where she volunteers ⅔ of her time proffering solutions to people using effective research based science strategies to help them achieve their life long goals. She’s actively involved in Charities as she began volunteering at a non profit charitable organization known as the Intentional Insights in 2016 who use science based strategies to help people achieve their long term life goals. As a volunteer with intentional insights, she handles their Social media account especially in Pinterest & Instagram by creating images for engagement on their social profiles to give educational science based information to the general public.


Her writing career was also implemented in sentence construction for social posts and also she plays an important role in the organization by helping other team members who have very little experience in their Writing and English performances by coaching them responsively during her volunteering hours. She officially signed to work and volunteer for Intentional Insights offering ⅔ of her time helping others provide solutions to their everyday life using science based strategies.


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About Beatrice Sargin

Beatrice Sargin is a Nigerian Graduate Microbiologist of Novena University Ogume, a Freelancer, creative ghost expert writer and the CEO, Founder and operator of BeYAH Fitness.


About Intentional Insights

Intentional Insights is an educational nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to promoting science-based truth-seeking, rational thinking, and wise decision-making.


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