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Being a Freelance ESL Teacher Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

NEW YORK – Many have found online teaching of English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) to be a desirable way of earning income from home. According to research conducted by Zippia, there were approximately 950,000 ESL teachers employed in the United States in 2021. But this is only one career path for teaching ESL. The other is to operate your own business as a freelance ESL teacher. Many are reluctant to try this – after all, establishing a business is a daunting task – but that is about to change thanks to the Online Canadian Academy (OCA).

Established in 2014 by a Canadian business professional, the OCA is a premium English-language school specializing in conversation and business English. What makes it unique is that it not only teaches ESL to students, but it also trains freelance ESL teachers. “It’s a logical extension,” says Rick Thachuk, founder of the OCA. “We have already created proprietary teaching material for a niche market that we know the students want and value, and we know how to teach it. So, why not train others to do the same?” The result is a comprehensive online course that provides the material, training and support to help anyone establish and promote their own freelance ESL business.

The course was created so that individuals can experience the satisfaction and control that comes with having their own business rather than working as an employee. “I think that it’s self-serving that the ESL teaching industry pushes everyone to work as an employee of an educational or language school,” says Thachuk. “They extoll the virtues, but the reality can be quite different.” The data tend to bear this out: Zippia calculates that 67% of ESL teachers leave their job within two years. “That high turnover suggests that teachers are not happy at their job.”

The requirement for the course is only that you be fluent, or better still, a native speaker, in English. You don’t need teaching experience. You don’t need to speak another language. And you don’t need any kind of certification. The course is designed to prepare you to enter the marketplace as a freelance ESL teacher including how to promote your service to potential students and convert them into paying customers.

Thachuk says that being a freelance ESL teacher is about more than having control over your career. Freelance is the wave of the future. More and more customers are realizing that you don’t need to pay money to a corporation when you can contract services directly with the provider. “There is the professional who provides the service and the customer who pays for the service. The employer is often just the middleman and everyone knows the benefits of cutting out the middleman.”

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Media Contact
Company Name: Online Canadian Academy
Contact Person: Silvia Staton, Public Relations Officer

Phone: 403.903.1256
Country: United States


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