Best 4 Cups Gravy Separator and Fat Separator Available On Amazon


The perfect healthy way to make Gravy, Soup Or Sauce Grease-Free. The PalePlum 4-cup fat Separator and Gravy Strainer measuring cup with easy release and no-spill stopper.


A new product that provides the perfect way to make healthy gravy, soup, or sauce is now available on Amazon. PalePlum 4-cup fat Separator and Gravy Strainer is a revolutionary new product that uses advanced technology to separate the fat and Grease from homemade gravies and sauces. It has quickly become the perfect and recommended product for those looking for a fat-free diet and healthy living.

The heat-resistant and shatterproof product which is made from a leak-free clear plastic works with hot and cold fluids and simplifies the whole process of separating the fat from home cooked soups, stews, juices, sauces, and gravy. It helps to remove fat, from food as well as lumps from gravy and other sources.

The PalePlum 4-cup fat Separator and Gravy Strainer is easy to use. By simply pressing the red button on the handle, the fluids drips out leaving behind any unwanted fat and lumps.


The dishwasher-safe product has quickly become a popular accessory for those that love to cook, and for those that want to live a healthy life and cook healthy food with reduced fat. It is ideal for vegetables and fruits and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

A spokesman for PalePlum said: “One of the biggest problems when making a juice or gravy is the lumps that can be in the liquid. It is very off-putting when you have lumps in your sauce or gravy or liquid drink, but with our product, you will get a smooth liquid each and every time.”

The PalePlum 4-cup fat Separator and Gravy Strainer has received a great deal of attention and exposure, and now, it is available on Amazon giving people the chance to own the product at a great price of just $19.95.

Cooking experts have called the product a must-have for those people who want to cook the perfect sauce every time, while health experts have said it is the perfect product to help with weight loss by removing the fat.

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Product Description:

New from PalePlum, this 4-cup fat separator helps create flavorful stocks, sauces, and gravies. You’ll no longer need to use spoons, turkey basters, or upside-down jars to skim fat from liquids – our easy-to-use cup quickly strains and leaves the fat behind!

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