Bestselling author Vivian De Guzman says that when your soul wants to grow—let it!


New book reveals the joys and struggles of 18 Asian women entrepreneurs
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“All of us have money issues,” says Vivian De Guzman. “Every time we up-level and we decide we want to grow—because our soul wants to grow and expand all the time—we encounter money stories. Let’s say you want to go from $60,000 a year to $100,000, from $500,000 to $1 million. The conversation in your head is, ‘Do I deserve that? Am I worthy of that?’ Even if nobody else is telling you that!” Formerly a successful holistic physical therapist, Vivian now devotes her time to helping female business owners get to six or seven figures with ease, grace, and flow. And one of the most important steps on that road is getting past your money blocks—the stories you’ve grown up with or told yourself.

Vivian had to face her own limiting beliefs after she suffered a stroke and had to choose between continuing the life she was leading—mom of four who was devoting too much time to her medical practice rather than hiring help—or being there for her kids over the long term. “There were just too many dreams at sake. I knew I needed to change,” she says. She had to learn to give up control in order to grow her business and ultimately in order to pivot to helping people in a different way—helping them “practice their own genius” and charge for the value they give. “That’s the other part that we all have to overcome: learning how to ask for money.” Especially when others around us are not vibrating with our same energy—friends and family will put up resistance. But Vivian says these reactions are about them, not you. “They’re thinking, ‘What if you leave me?’ They’re just afraid for you to grow.” But when you’re ready to step into your purpose, everything else will flow from that, no matter what a family member says.

Vivian shares much of her wisdom in a book, Money Blocks: Eight Steps to Get to Six Figures in 90 Days or Less in Any Economy, available at Amazon. At her website,, you can schedule a call to clarify your fears and resistance around money. “Do you really want to solve the problem?” Vivian asks. “Because I know how to do it quickly.”

You can also read more about Vivian’s journey in the inspiring new book Asian Women Who Boss Up, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” This collection of interviews with highly successful Asian women reveals how they have overcome obstacles and stereotypes, pushed past self-imposed limits, and defied expectations imposed on them by others, often their parents. This book is a master class of entrepreneurial advice and personal development guidance for any woman in search of role models who show that, yes, you can live the life of your dreams. 


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