Black Shawd Releases Second Solo Album Titled “Still Me”


                     Atlanta based artist ‘Black Shawd’ releases his 2nd solo album titled “Still me”

Having picked up numerous awards for his debut album ‘Head Above water’, Atlanta based artist Black Shawd sets to break ALL the records with his second studio release “Still Me”, a fully embellished production which goes deep into his own life and experiences. With high quality lyrics, captivating flow and sound, the overall album will make you understand Black as an artist and as a man.

Black Shawd announced on his twitter account earlier this month that is coming this July and also confirmed that the album is now fully mastered and released. A musician with so much passion for music, Shawd seeks to enlighten the world on his life journey through his music. He lyrically expresses himself in the deepest way to send out the message of his daily struggles as a musician. In his first eagerly anticipated 2nd album “Still Me” Black Shawd brought out the best of himself and opens up on his life struggles to become a musician reflecting on growing up and watching things around him change.

With what has been heard so far, the album is shaping up brilliantly. Rather than an attention grab or mainstream pull, Black seems to be putting his truest ideas into this album; He remained the same amidst all his hardship and diversity. In the past few years, he has lost a brother, best friend and music mentor.

“Still Me” not only takes listeners through his life journey but addresses the political state of America and also the state of hip hop and how he makes it better. The powerful song off the album ‘Lord Talk to Me’ is a play off a Kanye West Jesus Walks. Asking father God questions he thinks everybody is confused about. With catchy hooks, artistic lyrical floetry and great content of music this album is a must listen from an artist who seeks to create a positive impression in the minds of his listener.

The teaser reveals the full tracklist of the solo album. Notable features include Brother Hannibal and Arian Nicole.

For more information please visit or you can follow his posts on Twitter @Blackshawd.

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