Blockchain banking guru and business consultant Robin Trehan explains the issues to look at while understanding banking


Credit Capital Funding partner gives insight into the world of Blockchain.


July 12, 2018 – Robin Trehan, a partner with Chicago’s Credit Capital Funding, recently explained several issues to look at while understanding banking. The blockchain guru and business consultant has worked with a number of businesses over the years. His information and knowledge have enabled growth for companies in both banking and blockchain industry.

The growing interest from businesses in the blockchain sector has also prompted an increase attention financial and banking sector. The raising awareness has brought with it questions and uncertainty how the blockchain sector will affect the banking and how banks can leverage on the blockchain technology. First step is to understand banking by itself.

Trehan believes to understand banking, stakeholders need to look at the CAMELS (capital, asset quality, management, earning, liquidity and sensitivity to market risk) to judge a bank.

“The CAMELS rating offers you authorized insight on a bank’s performance,” Trehan explained. “This is a U.S. supervisory rating that focuses on the component aspect of a bank. This system is used by the United States in order to qualify the functionality of banks. Although the rating – 1 being strongest and 5 weakest – isn’t shown to the public, the top management of the banking company has access to this data. If you wish to purchase the bank based on this rating, make sure you have access to this data through proper measures taken.”

Robin Trehan stresses there is another important factor at play when it comes to understanding banking. Just like the CAMELS rating, banking ratios will show investors whether a bank is struggling to keep its head above water or thriving.

“Banking ratios such as the liquidity ratio must be a focus when deciding to buy a small bank,” Trehan said. “If the ratio is too high or too low, then there is something going on what need to be analyzed in depth. But, if the ratio is within the middle, then it most likely maintains its function at an optimal level.”

There are a multitude of issues at play when analyzing a bank and its performance. Efficiency ratios of a bank allows investors to know just how much money it takes for the bank to make one dollar. There are other areas Trehan also stresses investors to look at when it comes to banking. Loan loss reserve and the bank’s loan portfolio are two major sectors.

“Overall, banking can be effectively done through the right measures taken,” Trehan said. “Always take note of your banking ratios should you wish to obtain the most beneficial trend or pattern. Banking like any other business, requires strategy and proper market trend analysis to get things truly rolling.”

About Robin Trehan:

Robin Trehan is Partner at Credit Capital Funding in Chicago, Illinois. A graduate of Grenoble Ecole de Management, Trehan is an expert on a diverse set of banking topics including blockchain, e-payments, crypto banking, and commercial investments.



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