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Blockchain Powered Safe Lockers Ecosystem

G7 Safety Lockers and Genesis On Digital have agreed to work together to establish a blockchain-safety lockers ecosystem.

The two firms will cooperate in exploring new products that harness the efficiency and reliability of block chain and smart contracts through the ecosystem, a joint statement from G7 Safety Lockers and Genesis On Digital said, the partnership is expected to create new opportunities for the space of safe keeping, while customers benefit from the cost savings.

“We are immensely excited to work with G7 Safety Lockers on this ground breaking project that aims to unlock the full potential of blockchain powered safety lockers,” said Sree Murthi, CEO of Genesis On Digital “There are going to be vast benefits for participants in our ecosystem, and consumers can potentially look forward to experiencing a more complete safe coverages of a wider scope of events, while enjoying the peace of mind from the security that blockchain offers.”

“The experimentation on blockchain technology is likely to lend deeper Insights on how blockchain can provide a better digital experience to our customers and improve the value chain,” added Ching Kim Foo, Chairman of G7 Safety Lockers. “The partnership with Genesis will enable us to leverage each other’s strengths and further expand the possibilities of our digital innovations.”

G7 Safety Lockers will contribute operational expertise, systems support, and product development guidance to the project, while Genesis will bring its technological capabilities and knowledge of blockchain to the fold.

G7 Safety Lockers’s ecosystem, which is expected to launch in the first half of 2019, allows customers to enjoy the most incredible and revolutionary Safe Store Auto (SSA) experience to safeguard their valuables. Safe Store Auto (SSA) is a safe deposit locker system that combines the next generation automated technology and advanced customer identification features needed to ensure 24/7 accessibility without compromising top level security. The lockers have dual control locking mechanism with unique keys and strict protocols. It is also secured with biometric identifications with extensive reinforcement ultra strong panels which is 10 times stronger than reinforced concrete. This is also the only SSA in South East Asia. SafeStore Auto (SSA) boasts an innovative concept and design that is unique on the market. The platform will store the contract information in consumers’ digital wallets for real-time processing.

Keep a look out for more news to come from G7 Safety Lockers and Genesis On Digital on upcoming projects

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Company Name: Genesis On Digital Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: Media Manager
Phone: (603) 797-1999
City: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia


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