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Blockchain : SANJEEV SEENATH II Explains Bitcoin And What It Is

SANJEEV SEENATH II Explains Bitcoin And What It Is

Bitcoin is a online digital currency, sometimes referred to as a crypto-currency, best known as the world’s first truly decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoin is traded on a peer-to-peer basis with a distributed ledger called the Block-chain, and the Bitcoin exchange rate to the US Dollar and other major currencies is determined by supply and demand as with other global exchange rates. The traded value of Bitcoin has proven volatile through various booms and busts in demand.

Ultimately, however, many see Bitcoin as a store of value against government-backed fiat currencies.

Abbreviated as BTC, Bitcoin is actively traded against the world’s major currencies across decentralized markets. Bitcoins are kept in so-called Bitcoin wallets, which depend on private keys and cryptography to secure its Bitcoins to a specific entity or user.

Interest and significant global investments in Bitcoin wallet and Block-chain technology have nonetheless made buying and selling Bitcoin far more accessible to the average user.

And indeed growing acceptance by government entities have ameliorated the ambiguity of legal and regulatory status for Bitcoin and Bitcoin exchanges.


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