Bonham Richards’ “Louis in the Hall”


Author Bonham Richards presents a children’s book entitled, “Louis in the Hall”. The book’s story revolves around a young boy who has Tourette syndrome, which is characterized by multiple involuntary motor movements and vocalizations called tics.

The main character is Louis, a third grader who suffers from Tourette syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. So as not to disturb the other pupils during class, while all other third graders are busy inside the classrooms, Louis spends much of the school day in the hall instead. 

Most of the time, Louis behaves normally but once in a while he experiences a bout of tics. This has led his teachers to separate him from his classmates. In this book, Bonham Richards aims to make people more aware of children having Tourette syndrome and hopefully change their perspective about such kids and to see them as normal and capable kids just like the others.  

Richards hopes to captivate the hearts and interests of children and hopefully encourage them to value, embrace and understand the diversity surrounding them – people, events and circumstances for them to look beyond what their eyes could see.

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About the author:

Bonham Richards is a former Biology teacher at Cal. State San Bernardino and at USC and  is the author of the speculative science fiction novel “World without cats”. 

In his attempt to write his very first children’s book, Bonham Richards came up with “Louis in the hall” written through the inspiration he has gained from meeting kids with Tourette syndrome.

Personal/Favorite Quote:

“Hi, my name is Louis. I’m nine, and I go to Hancock School. I collect baseball cards, and I like to build model cars and boats.” – Louis in the hall

“I’m learning to play the piano, too. I’m not very good at it, but my mom and dad say it might help with the TS.” – Louis in the hall

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