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BPH is not a risk of prostate cancer, so innovative and safe therapeutic device should be used in the first instance

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer may have same symptoms but BPH is non-life-threatening ageing condition. For this metabolic problem innovative Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Allen’s therapeutic device should be administered to men, as the first-line BPH treatment.

Prostate enlargement develops slowly squeezing bladder that leads to annoying lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), such as frequent or urgent need to urinate; increased frequency of urination at night; difficulty with starting urination; weak urine stream and others. Therefore, the cessation of the growth of the prostate gland is the main goal, when men choose the treatment option for BPH. Please watch an explanation why Thermobalancing therapy should be used in the first instance at the following video:

Standard BPH drugs Alfa-blockers, Proscar (Finasteride) or Avodart (Dutsteride) do not treat a prostate but may develop serious side effects. Alfa-blockers are responsible for sexual dysfunction, whereas Proscar and Avodart – for impotence, increase blood sugar and blood lipids, so can cause diabetes and a heart attack. Therefore, BPH surgeries are often prescribed. After even minimal invasive surgeries men might urinary tract infection, dry orgasm; erectile dysfunction; heavy bleeding; difficulty holding urine; low sodium in the blood and need for re-treatment.

Dr Allen’s device relieves LUTS due to BPH as it terminates prostate enlargement. A clinical trial has confirmed that Dr Allen’s device decreases the size of enlarged prostate, which reduces the urinary symptoms and improves the quality of life. Dr Simon Allen explains that Thermobalancing therapy treats the cause of enlarged prostate by improving blood circulation in the prostate gland.

“By the age of 60, 50% of men will suffer lower LUTS. Today, as life expectancy increases, the administration to men with BPH drugs and risky surgery should be a last resort,” says Dr Allen.

Dr. Allen shared his opinion about the results of a clinical trial of Thermobalancing therapy in men with BPH at various international conferences around the world: in Spain, China, Italy, the UK, France and other countries. The outcomes of 10 years empirical evidence and the clinical trial were published in leading medical journals.

Fine Treatment, delivers the device  to all countries across the world within a week, by using Royal Mail tracking service. Men can receive the device and use it at home. Furthermore, Fine Treatment is a UK Department for International Trade (DIT) registered supplier to international buyers: For over 10 years Dr. Allen’s Devices have been successfully used by thousands of customers in over 100 countries. Read more at:

Media Contact
Company Name: Fine Treatment
Contact Person: Dr Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Director of Fine Treatment
Phone: +447958878300
Country: United Kingdom


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