Breathalyzer in Every Bar To Save Lives

Breathalyzer in Every Bar BAC calculator

Breathalyzer in Every Bar BAC calculator

Breathalyzer in Every Bar BAC calculator, which takes blood alcohol percentage, volume over time, and weight into account. Breath-taking adventure brings safety and confidence to the Austin, TX area

Before getting behind the wheel tonight or any night for that matter, you may want to check out the latest device seen all around the Austin, TX area.

Little did I know that this simple device was available and has taken the area by storm. Since turning 21, one of my greatest fears was going out, having a great time with friends, all to later find out by law enforcement that I was over the legal limit and will now face all the consequences that come along with a DWI; ouch!

Fortunately for me and everyone else in the community, I recently came across a device that eliminated all those fears and has instilled the confidence that I can not only go out and enjoy myself, but know that if I am too “hammered”, I could always rely on any of the many other alternatives available to get me home safely.

Breathalyzers have walked a fine line between promoting responsible behavior and excessive drinking. Sure, it’s a great way to spur on some friendly drinking games between friends, but more importantly, the digital readout is useful in estimating time to when you are safe to drive, ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you.

Not only has it been useful but also very simple to operate. You take a straw, and as they put it, “blow before you go,” and moments later the device gives you not only a legitimate BAC readout but an easily identifiable and color-coded result, making it simple to know when it’s time to call it quits.

I put the breathalyzer in every bar through an unrelenting round of testing (taking one for the team), by drinking for a few nights one week and compared the device’s consistency over time, drinking the same beer over timed intervals, and tested the results against an online BAC calculator, which takes alcohol percentage, volume over time, and weight into account.

The device seemed entirely accurate and in agreement with the online calculators. Whether for pure fun or when used responsibly, in any case, no one should rely only on this device to justify driving after a few drinks. Remember, rule number one, if you’re feeling intoxicated just don’t get behind the wheel.

However, the breathalyzer in every bar device can, at the minimum, give you a good idea of when you need to stop drinking if you want to get home by a certain time or whether it time to rely on an alternative method to get you home safely. Lift anyone?

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