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Bridging the gap between ICOs and Crypto users – ICOpicker to launch their Mobile App in the first week of August

ICOPicker, a community-based platform crowdsourcing ICO ratings, and reviews is all geared up to launch their unique ICO picker mobile app in the first week of August. The new app connects ICOs with a diverse community of crypto users making it easier for both serial investors and enthusiasts enabling them to make better investment decisions.


Caught between the Good, Bad, and Ugly? With ICOs launching a week a dozen it’s hardly surprising why you shouldn’t. Research estimate there were around 550 ICOs raising a total of $7 billion in 2017; about 650 ICOs launched in the first 6 months of 2018 have already managed to raise $16 billion.


Interestingly, about 44% of ICOs either completely fail or disappear, some survive, and only a few actually thrive. Despite breakthrough ideas, refined roadmaps, and a dedicated team, most ICOs frequently stumble on their limited ability to reach out to the community. As many investors find it hard to get the clear picture – often hidden beneath thick layers of advertised information and paid reviews floating around on the internet – a big number of ICOs launching every other day means bigger challenges for both the ICOs and investors. Not only that “Good ICOs” have to give up to ridiculously pricey promotions, crypto users and investors are also becoming increasingly vulnerable to scams.


Announcing the launch of their innovative ICOpicker app their founders said – “ ICOpicker is developed to disrupt the emerging ICO reviews and rating trends. We do not create reviews in closed rooms. Our reviews and ratings are a careful and balanced mix of reviews from industry experts, ratings from popular and credible websites, votes from our community members and a thorough analysis followed by a systematic investigation and observation of all listed ICOs. ”


How ICOpicker works for Investors?


Unlike most Ico review and rating sites, ICOpicker has a unique way to bring ICOs and crypto users together. The platform features detailed, easy to understand ICO reviews that usually dig deep into an ICO’s white paper and background. All reviews and ratings published on the website are not arbitrary but crowdsourced. They are based on data collected from top ICO rating websites, reviews by top crypto influencers, investigative analysis of their seasoned crypto analysts, and most powerful of all – votes from their open and diverse crypto community. Any crypto user, investor, or enthusiast can sign up with the Icopicker platform and contribute to their reviews and ratings. Registering with ICOpicker members get seamless access to balanced and unbiased crowdsourced ICO reviews and also get to discuss or introduce new ICOs to the community. For those looking to invest can participate in ICOpicker’s exclusive ICO pools which allows them to participate in popular ICO private sales. They frequently host exclusive offers and opportunities on the platform. What makes it exciting is that even a community member can create a sub-pool and share an ICO or offer with the rest of the community keeping his benefits and perks in the process. All members have the flexibility to participate, accept or decline an offer, and vote an ICO.


ICOs can now bid goodbye to hyper-expensive marketing agencies


By getting listed with ICOpicker, ICOs get a chance to reach out to a dedicated crypto community. They can interact and communicate with their potential investors, answer their queries and update them with the progress of their ICO. This makes it cost-effective for genuine ICOs as they can focus more on giving shape to their ideas. With the powerful ICOpicker app, users can vote and rate their ICOs easily.


The Icopicker App for Android and iOS will be launched in the first week of August. Talking about their upcoming developments they said that soon they are coming up with tokenization and gamification, probably by the end of August. While this will make the entire platform more advanced in terms of community engagement, security, transparency, and functionality, ICOpicker will also become one of the most advanced and power-packed ecosystem facilitating both the investors and ICOs alike.


To know more about ICOPICKER visit their website at ICOPICKER.IO.



Company name: ICOpicker (Crypto Global Investment Network Limited)

Contact person PR: Jenn



Tel: +31614874229

Country: Hong Kong


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