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Welcome to our Bulk Press Release Distribution Service.


We understand that some of our customers would like to receive a discount for publishing bulk press releases through HeadlinePlus, and that is why we have introduced a bulk press release buying service.

This new service allows our customers to receive a big discount for publishing large amounts of press releases each month. The bulk service is for our Premium Plus service where customers can purchase six press release distribution credits at once and use them at any time during that month.

Instead of paying $29 to distribute a press release through our Premium Plus Service, customers using our bulk distribution service will now only have to pay $25 per press release.

The terms and conditions for this bulk service is as follows:

  1. The Customer must purchase the package of six press releases priced $150
  2. The six press reeases have to be submitted and published in the same month. Credits cannot be carried over to the next month. Example: If a customer purchases six press releases in February and only sends out five press releases, the credits for the sixth press release will not be carried over to the following month.

When you purchase the bulk package, all you need to do when looking to send a press release out is to submit the press release in the normal way. Instead of making a payment once you have submitted your press release, with the bulk package all you have to do is to submit the press release and ignore the payment option



  • 6 Press Releases Distributed
  • Press Release Published to 400+ News sites
  • Published on
  • Syndication to 124 Premium outlets
  • Syndication to 80 Financial Feeds
  • Syndication to 132 Newspapers & News Sites
  • Syndication to 36 Industry News Sites
  • Syndication to 96 Regional & Local News Sites
  • Syndication To Google News
  • Bing Inclusion
  • Promoted through social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Full report provided